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Ulukau: Consultant/ Author/ Speaker/ Coach
Author, Poet, Artist, Speaker and Coach
Fonthill , On
L0S 1E0
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Laura Lane
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Laura Lane - Inexplicably Inspired

“I work with people who want to gain clarity and live an inspired life filled with passion and purpose.”

How do I do what I do?

I hold my clients accountable, help them to discover their passion and purpose then visualize and strive for a greater version of themselves through structured programs over 2, 5 or 18 week series of coaching calls. I also educate audiences about how to live inspired passionate lives through keynote speeches, half day, full day or week long workshops.

What can my clients really expect when they work with me?
“Laura Lane is a professional and compassionate coach, not only trained to facilitate the transformation people are looking for in their lives, but also a wonderful example of living her life purpose. She is clearly gifted as a coach and has helped me clarify my priorities…being an insightful, dedicated catalyst in directing me on my journey to fulfill my life purpose. I wholeheartedly recommend her!” - Michelle Cormack, E-RYT500, CCE, Owner/Director of 5 Elements Yoga & Pilates (

Working through a coaching program with Laura has truly been a mind-opening experience! Laura's intuition is very sharp and I found her particularly skilled at identifying my blind spots. Through her unique perception and guidance, she steered me in a direction that led me to believe in a grander version of myself and as a result, reap results which I did not believe were possible. I am deeply grateful to Laura. She has taught me that it is really possible to be stronger than any circumstance. - Lorie Gannon


"Before I started to work with Laura, I had gone through a downward spiral. In the very first session, Laura infused a sense of clarity and positive energy.
Her energy is just infectious. She has great attention to detail, has a great ability to keep people on track, is able to get the most out of people and shows them a way forward.
I have seen dramatic changes in my results, from better relationships to increased clientele.
Laura is extremely passionate about her work. Every session with her was better than the last and every time it was a breakthrough moment. She is an expert on human potential development and her work with people from different backgrounds marks her out as the one to watch out in the field of personal and professional development.
I am certain anyone working with Laura will be able to see amazing turn arounds in the results they are getting in their lives." Ghurair Shaikh

How am I uniquely qualified to help my clients?

I have never allowed the circumstances in my life to hold me back.  If there was a line up in Heaven for an easy life, I apparently didn’t hear about it and volunteered for all the most difficult experiences. I share with my clients how I found hope, strength, and courage when my child was diagnosed with cancer, how I developed compassion and empathy for others after walking away from a car accident at the age of 9 that tragically killed my mum and my little sister, how I learned the principles of faith: Believe, Trust, Listen and Act when I struggled through a painful divorce at the end of an abusive marriage.  I chose the hard and heavy path to gain compassion, insight and wisdom. I have learned great lessons of resilience, integrity, perspective, creativity, inspiration, clarity, vision and insight because I had to endure incidents of death, divorce, abuse, loneliness, and sickness.  I share these experiences in order to help my clients gain clarity, insight and perspective in their own lives and I share with them how to find purpose in even the most difficult situations. My experiences have also helped me to develop a keen sense of intuition over the years. A Hawaiian family gave me the name “Ulukau”(oo-loo-ka-oo) which means Inexplicably Inspired. I have striven my whole life to live up to that name by constantly learning how to remain open to the inspiration I am given and sharing that knowledge with others. My life experiences combined with the perspective I gained, my talents and gifts allow me to uniquely guide others and inspire them to recognize the beauty, value and divine nature within them in order to help them feel the love that abounds in their life and is theirs to share.

In addition, I have been certified and trained as a LifeSuccess Consultant to teach and coach Bob Proctor’s personal growth and development programs.  I am also trained and certified as a Passion Test Facilitator to guide individuals and groups through the Passion Test Process developed by Chris and Janet Attwood. I am a member of toastmasters, a published children’s book author, poet, artist and gallery owner and I am currently working on my first non-fiction book “Two Mothers, One Prayer: Facing your child’s cancer with Hope, Strength and Courage.”

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